Three Signs You Need a New Roof

New Roof

Our Team Can Handle Any Needs You May Have for a New Roof.

Your roof serves as perhaps the most important component of your home. You should always guarantee its serviceability, and remain vigilant for signs of disrepair. A roof that seems in good shape from a casual glance can, in reality, be on the verge of failure. If you have asphalt shingles as your roofing material, pay attention to the signs that show you need a new roof.

Missing Granules

Roofing granules serve an important function on your shingles. These small pieces of gravel protect the shingles from the brutal effects of sunshine. In their absence, shingles will begin to dry out, then curl. When this occurs, your shingles no longer provide the protection you need. To determine whether or not your shingles have lost granules, simply check your gutters.

Old Age

Old age represents the number one reason that homeowners choose to replace their roofing. As a roof ages, it becomes more vulnerable to sudden failure from a major weather event. If you have an asphalt shingle roof that has served for 20 to 30 years, the time has come for replacement.

Missing Shingles

As shingles come loose from your roof, you should have them repaired immediately. If the roof has lost many shingles, then you should spring for total replacement. A roof that loses shingles has either gotten too old, or was incorrectly installed in the first place. Either situation presents a case for a new roof.

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