Hail Damage

hail damageHail damage can cause substantial harm to your roof and can result in serious water damage if not attended to immediately. Cinch Roofing recommends that after a hail storm, you get an inspection for your roofing system for any signs of destruction. We are skilled in hail storm affected roofing, and we are capable of noticing even the slightest indication of damage. If your Rosenberg and Sugar Land, TX home has been affected by hail damage, give us a call at (832) 598-4245 for quality roofing repairs.

Unattended Damaged Areas

hail damageFor a shingled roofing structure, a hail storm is its worst enemy. Hail can puncture the shingles, causing the underlying flashing to be exposed to the harsh weather elements. When this occurs, water is more likely to leak in the open area and cause water damage in your attic and the interior of your home.

Although asphalt shingles are more inclined to be affected by a hail storm, metal and tile roofing systems can also be harmed. Known for their durable protection, metal and tile roofing systems are difficult to impact, but still may become a possible victim to an intense hail storm. If your home is struck by a hail storm resulting in large dents, missing or cracked areas, Cinch Roofing is capable of delivering professional repairs and maintenance to the marred areas.

Allow Us to Help

Cinch Roofing understands the difficulties a damaged roofing system can cause. We are here to ensure you are taken care of during the entire roofing project. Our qualified staff will provide exceptional results while keeping within your budget. Call us today at (832) 598-4245 for a free estimate for hail damage in Rosenberg and Sugar Land, TX.