Why You Need a Roofing Inspection

31990714 – a contractor walks up a ladder to inspect the rook of a residential home during an overcast day

A roof inspection is one of the most important things you can do for your roof. Just like you go to the doctor to get a checkup, a roof inspection is necessary to keep your roof working the way it is supposed to. It may seem like a large expense to have to deal with once a year, but if you think about the price of a roof leak or even a roof replacement because of storm damage or maybe damage you didn’t know about, the price of an inspection can seem very minut. The process is very simple as well. Once you give us a call and schedule an appointment that works best for you, an inspector will come out to your home and take a look at your roof. Once they are done, they will give you a detailed list of what they saw and if you need to have¬†anything done right away.

Why You Need an Inspection

Warranty – Some roofing companies will give you a warranty when you get a new roof. The catch is that you will need to have a roof inspection done once a year to keep it up to date. This is important because if our roofers find anything, you will be able to get the work done for free through your warranty, considering that you have one.

Peace Of Mind – When you know that your roof is in good shape, you will be able to think about other things and not about your roof.

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