Metal Roofing Services

metal roofing systemIf you are in search of a highly durable and aesthetically pleasing roofing system, you should consider metal roofing. This system is known for its longevity and ability to withstand a large amount of weathering, especially hail. Cinch Roofing provides high-quality metal roofing installation and maintenance.  As with any roofing system, your metal roof will only ever be as good as the quality of the installation performed. Our highly skilled roofers are trained in the latest industry techniques and have years of experience working with this quality roofing material. Certified installers can even give you an opportunity to take advantage of a warranty. Give us a call today at (832) 598-4245 for metal roofing installation in Rosenberg and Sugar Land, TX.

Benefits of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have several advantages over other traditional roofing systems:

  • More resilient in varying temperatures
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Can be built with different metals, such as copper and lead
  • Long, lasting and durable
  • Reflective surface that can help save on air conditioning cost

Metal roofs can have one downside: they are susceptible to rust and corrosion. This is a natural process and must be guarded against with regular maintenance of the roof. Most roofing systems available today are coated with a protective sealant against corrosion. Call us at (832) 598-4245 to talk about metal roofing maintenance options in Rosenberg and Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding areas. We will be happy to assist you in finding the right fit for this long-lasting roofing system.

Most metal roofs will last the entire lifetime of the owner. This means that once you invest in this system, you will likely never have to worry about a new installation again. Metal roofs provide their owners with a high level of protection from the environment and most are even rated as a “cool roof” system. This is due to their naturally high level of reflectivity. During summer months, instead of absorbing the heat of the sun, they deflect these rays leading to lowered energy bills.

unique metal roofingFor those looking for a metal roof that fit their stylistic taste, there are a variety of new options on the market. You can find metal roofing that imitates the appearance of slate, tile, shingles and more.

If you are interested in the installation or maintenance of metal roofing in Rosenberg and Sugar Land, TX, give Cinch Roofing a call at (832) 598-4245. We look forward to helping you take advantage of all the wonderful benefits this system offers.