Is Your Shingle Roof Ready for Cooler Weather?

Raised Roof Shingle

Buckling, Curling or Pealing Shingles Are Signs You Should Get some Roof Maintenace Before Winter.

Summer is almost over and autumn is upon us. That means that winter is right around the corner, with all it’s fury. Now is the time to make sure shingle roof is ready for the rain and cooler weather–not after the first storm. At Cinch Roofing we are prepared to repair or maintain your shingle roof. Here are some things you as the homeowner should consider to determine if you should call us for some early winter maintenance on your roof.

Is Your Roof Old?

Do you know how your roof is? If your roof is more than 20 years old, consider getting it replaced. Old roofs are more likely to be damaged by wind, rain, and hail, causing leaks in the house and making for some miserable nights for you and your family.

Are Your shingle Curling Up?

As shingles age and experience the elements, they can begin to curl around the edges or buckle in the middle. If you look up at your roof from you yard and notice this happening to your shingles, give us a call. Curling or Buckling shingles create places where water can seep into your roof and the rooms below.

Are You Finding Granules in Your Gutter?

Hopefully you will get your gutters cleaned as the fall season begins. If you find a lot of grains from you shingles in your gutters,  your shingles are getting weak. If you notice these things, call us at (832) 598-4245 for pre-winter maintenance.