How do you fix a leaking roof?

roof damage

How do I temporarily fix my roof?

Your business or your home, roof leaks are bad news. When they are left unrepaired, the damage becomes expensive, intense, and dangerous. That is why you need to stay on top of things by inspecting your roof on regular basis. That enables you to find small issues and make any roof repair needed before further damage happens, resulting in a new roof. 

The most popular question business owners and homeowners ask is, “Does insurance cover a leaking roof?”, and the answer starts with the standard, “It depends.”  In most cases, yes, your insurance will cover the roof repairs or replacement for a roof leak and the damage. However, if the insurance adjuster finds that the cause of the leak is from owner neglect, then your claim will be denied, or only partially covered. 

This is one reason it is recommended to review your business property and homeowner insurance policy once a year. If you don’t understand what s covered, call your agent for an explanation. It is better to know what coverage you have before you need roof repair or replacement.  Because either way, roof repair or replacement, paying for it out of pocket isn’t what you want to do when you’ve been paying insurance premiums all year, right? 

Is roof repair structural?        

A roof can be considered architectural or structural, or structural architectural. The key difference between architectural and structural is the supporting members. An architectural roof is for the design, which may have a slope that isn’t dependent on supporting members. A structural roof requires ventilation to keep moisture out of the attic space so that mold and rot doesn’t destroy the structural member, aka the rafters and decking.

In general a structural Repair is when the columns, foundation, roof joists, or load-bearing walls are repaired or replaced.  In the case of a basic roof repair, it is not structural if there is no roof being replaced from the rafters up or an additional roof is being added on the existing. Therefore, a roof repair without permit is legal.

How do I stop my roof leaking in heavy rain?

Nothing says emergency roof repair than a roof that starts leaking in the middle of a rainstorm. Common sense tells you that a roof repair, even temporary, is needed so that more damage isn’t done to the roof, attic, and the interior of your home. There is a good chance there was a small leak already and it has been dripping into your house for a while, saturating the drywall. Here we offer instructions to create a temporary emergency roof repair patch until you can have a professional roofer do a proper job: 

  1. Go in the attic and remove any insulation that is wet, then soak up (or shop vac) any standing water. Place a plywood board across the joists and position a bucket on it so that it can catch the dripping water. 
  2. Follow the water leak to where it is entering the roof, which may not be right above where the drip is located. Water runs the least resistant path, so it could be from an area far from that point. Usually you’ll find a roof leak following the rafters. 
  3. Using another piece of plywood and roofing tar, make a temporary roof repair patch by spreading the roofing tar with a trowel over the hole. Then place the plywood over the hole and attach it to the decking with screws, every 2-3 inches apart, all the way around the plywood.  Then spread roofing tar over the edges of the plywood all the way around.  
  4. Use a tape measure and get the distance from the roof gable to the roof ridge inside the  attic. Then once the rain stops and it safe to climb on the roof, you can use these same steps to creates a roof repair patch on the roof top using the measurement you just took to find the leak. 
bubbling ceiling from water damage

How do I stop my roof from leaking inside?

Following the steps we just listed will give you a temporary repair from inside the attic. This is only temporary roof repair patch though.  It isn’t possible to make a permanent roof repair from the inside, it must be repair properly from the roof top. 

Hiring a professional roofing contractor is recommended as they have the experienced and keen eye to spot roofing problems that the untrained eye can’t see and they will have the know-how repair roof leak along with experience, correct tools and materials to get your roof repair done right. 

So, if your homeowners’ insurance isn’t going to pay for your roof repair, it has to come out of your pocket, right? So, how much should a roof repair cost? Understandable, the words, “it depends” can be frustrating, but it does depend on several factors: 

  • The type of roof material
  • One story, two story home
  • The severity and size of the roof repair needed

On average, a roof repair can cost around $900 with a range as low as $300 and as high as $1400 or more. Again, the above stated factors will determine the final cost of your roof repair. Need help with your roof repair in Rosenberg and Sugar Land, TX? Call (832) 598-4245 today!