Home Renovation Ideas That Add Value and Comfort

Kitchen Renovation Before & After

Home renovations can drastically change the sense of space in your home!

Home renovations are a great option when you’re looking to make home improvements that will add in comfort and new design functionalities! From smart technologies to improvements in energy efficiency, there are a variety of choices out there with modern appliances and materials. As far as pricing, home renovation costs vary in accordance with the degree of changes you’re seeking as well as the quality of appliances and materials used. A complete gut home renovation could reach more than $50,000 as it usually involves steps that work its way from rebuilding a home from the skeleton up! However, if you’re looking for cheaper and smaller changes, there are suggestions out there that may be of interest for your projects as well! Ultimately, any upgrades and changes will add in resale value to your home in the long run!

Structural Skeleton of a Home for Gut Renovations

A gut renovation involves removing everything but the structural skeleton of the home!

What is the difference between a renovation and remodel?

A remodel alters or remakes a structure into a different form or feature.
A renovation restores and repairs existing structures to a new state of being.

What is the difference between repair and renovation?

A renovation involves removing an existing feature in place of a new one.
A repair signifies keeping an existing feature and conducting fixtures to certain parts or areas.

What does complete renovation mean?

A complete home renovation could implicate a gut renovation, where everything of the home (from flooring, walls, roof membrane, windows, stairs and more) is stripped and removed except for the structural skeleton.

What order do you renovate a house?

Bathroom Renovation Before and After

Focusing on certain rooms for renovations on a budget is a good idea!

House renovations can be tackled from larger projects to smaller ones as the larger systems will influence the smaller ones. If you’re starting from the beginnings of a gut renovation or even a later stage in the process of home renovation, refer to this helpful guide.

  1. Secure the foundation
  2. Make repairs to the foundation walls, joists, and beams
  3. Repair or replace the roof (Metal Roofing in Rosenberg, TX)
  4. Replace or repair windows
  5. Install siding
  6. Demolish or dispose of sections in the home that will be replaced
  7. Supportive/Structural Carpentry: construct new walls, windows, doors and add beams for structural weight support
  8. Install HVAC (Air Conditioner Installation,) ducts, electricity, and plumbing
  9. Install insulation
  10. Close up the walls with drywall
  11. Install new windows
  12. Fine/Not Supportive Carpentry: add baseboards, molding, trim around windows and doors. Add built-in elements such as breakfast nooks, bookcases and more.
  13. Surface Finishes: paint walls, molding or trim. Hang wallpaper or stain and seal trim.
  14. Install flooring replacements
  15. Install siding and gutters
  16. Work on auxiliary buildings or structures outside the house like additions, sunrooms and swimming pools.

Home Renovation Ideas on a Budget

Consider focusing on rooms and their features if you’re considering home renovation on a budget. You can alter appliances or add to the room’s overall structure with these suggestions.

  • Resurfacing: cabinets, doors, appliances, countertops, and floors as they are a more cost-effective option than replacements and upgrade the look for more modern elements.
  • Additions: consider a bump out in a room’s space that can be used for a breakfast nook, bay window, window seat, table or bathtub.
  • Flooring: changing the flooring away from carpets are the mode in this day and age and can greatly provide a streamlined look to a room.
  • Handles & Pulls: changing handles and pulls on cabinets and doors can add in functionality and upgrade the style and look.
  • Windows or Skylights: consider changing or installing windows to impact resistant or energy efficient features. A skylight and window can increase natural lighting and eliminate the feeling of enclosed space.
  • Add Smart Home Products (detailed below)

Technology with Smart Home Products

If choosing to install more than one smart home products, you can actually program them on your tablet or phone to operate in a sequence or schedule them to automatically comply with your commands at a given time!

  • Smart Thermostat: can make remote adjustments in temperature and time schedules all while saving on your home’s energy costs!
  • Smart Video Doorbell: see who’s at your front door with a video camera and speaker com for communication! Save on footage and get alerted on visitors on your smartphone!
  • Smart Door Locks: create electronic keys and program auto-locks at a given time schedule!
  • Smart Speakers: speakers are able to tie in all your smart devices in one place as well as play music throughout your home! They are wifi enabled and can communicate with your tablet or smartphone!
  • Smart LED Light Bulbs: control light settings to dim or turn on or off! Since they come in low wattage they can last for a decade or more!
  • Smart Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Detector (together or separate:) sensitive detection with an alarm that can be silence on your smartphone! You’ll also get an alert when you need more batteries without the loud chirp!

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