Fall Roof Maintenance

Fall Roof Maintenance

Having Your Roof Inspected And Maintained In The Fall Will Save You Money Down The Line.

Fall is in full swing! While the leaves are changing and the weather is finally cooling off, don’t neglect your fall roof inspection. A roof inspection will offer you protection that lasts for the rest of the year. This is how a roof inspection is usually conducted:

  1. Your roof will be inspected for any damages caused by foot traffic that may have occurred.
  2. Your roofer can check to ensure your drainage system is functioning properly.
  3. Every “problem” area will be checked for leaks, such as around vent flashings.
  4. The roof inspector will look for any parts of your roof that are weathering prematurely.
  5. Your roof will be checked for any summer storm damages from wind, hail, or debris.
  6. You will be able to get rid of fallen leaves and debris left over from the summer weather.

Preventative Measures

If you find yourself asking, “why should I have my roof inspected in the fall?” check out the following benefits of fall roof inspections:

  1. Less expensive repairs
  2. Longer roof lifespan
  3. Lower risk for leaks and mold damages
  4. A younger looking roof with steady curb appeal
  5. Better protection against seasonal changes

While a roof inspection may seem to be simply a luxury, it is in fact a vital part of roof maintenance, similar to how you care for and maintain your vehicle. This quick procedure is made affordable and convenient with our expert team of trained roofers.

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