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roof coatings

Experienced Technicians for Your Facility

Effective facility maintenance helps keep your operating costs down because it means fewer repairs and better performance. One of the best ways to help your facility perform is with a roof coating installed by a professional full-service contractor. At Cinch Roofing, our seasoned professional roofers have experience with every type of commercial building. We apply roof coatings to help protect properties around Rosenberg and Sugar Land, TX.

To learn more about how commercial roof coatings can help your facility, call us today at (832) 598-4245. We’ll walk you through different options or help you make an appointment.

The Benefits of Roof Coatings

There are a lot of advantages to roof coatings. One of the clearest benefits is helping your roof last longer so you don’t have to replace your roof as often. A total replacement can be costly depending on the size of your facility, so extending the lifespan of your roof is a huge help.

Here are some of the ways a roof coating helps you:

Coatings are lightweight – Managing a large facility needs to account for how much weight is being placed on the structure. Lighter weight means longer-term stability. Coatings avoid adding stress to your building, so it’s easy to stay in code and avoid any fines or penalties.

They’re waterproof – Coatings help prevent water damage or leaks because they’re waterproof. They protect seams and help prevent water from pooling on your roof.

Low Maintenance – Roofs with coatings on them require less maintenance because they have a protective layer on top of the roofing material. All you need is an occasional cleaning to brush off any dirt or debris that winds up sitting on your roof. That saves you a lot of worry over the condition of your facility. Even when you need to perform a repair, it’s fairly simple.

Energy Efficiency – Coatings help regulate your roof’s temperature. That has a huge impact on the temperature indoors because it’s the main barrier between your employees and the heat or cold outside. Better regulated temperatures will save you meaningful costs. That means more money is available to go back into your business.

Heat Reflection – Over time, sun exposure can damage your roof. Coatings help redirect solar energy to keep your building cooler and slow the pace of erosion.

A Dependable Contractor to Assist You

Cinch Roofing is the premier commercial roofing contractor in Rosenberg and Sugar Land, TX. We help you make the best decision for your facility when it comes to coatings. When we arrive on-site, we’ll inspect your building and present different options for your roof. As a small business ourselves, we know how important it is to manage resources conservatively and get the most for your time and money. We’ll work to understand your operational requirements and create a custom solution for your business.

The inspection is also a good way to find out the real condition of your roof. Spotting issues with roofs like minor leaks, loose membrane layers, and other problems will help you avoid large repairs down the road. Our technicians can help you with what’s best for your property.

After the inspection, we clean the roof to prep the area for the coating. Cleaning is critical because you don’t want any dirt or debris trapped between the roof layer and the new coating. We go over each fastener and tighten or replace them, and then patch any cracks and remove rust as necessary. We aim to get your roof in the best condition possible before the coating is applied. If we spot any bad areas of the roof, we can cut out membranes and install replacement roofing. Finally, we coat and seal the roof, paying special attention to every seam and fasteners.

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