PVC Roofing Services

PVC roofing systemHas your commercial flat roof developed some wear and tear? Is it covered in cracks, pooling water, or leaking? If you answered yes, it might be time to repair your roof. Why not give the commercial roofing experts at Cinch Roofing a call today? At Cinch Roofing, we provide PVC roofing installation in Rosenberg and Sugar Land, TX and it’s surrounding areas. We are dedicated to our customers and will give you a free, honest, and upfront estimate on roof repair. Don’t wait until you have substantial damage to your roof, give us a call today at (832) 598-4245 for quality PVC roofing services in Rosenberg and Sugar Land, TX!

PVC Roof Membrane Installation

PVC roofing is an excellent choice if you are looking to repair your commercial flat roof with a material that is durable, waterproof and affordable. PVC roofing is usually applied in sheets, and then either fastened or glued onto the surface of the roof. Sometimes even gravel may be used to hold the membrane down.

Once the roofing is applied, we will install insulation under the membrane. A protective board is also fastened to the insulation. After installation is complete, you will have a roof that will stop all leaks and prevent water from getting into your home or place of business.

Benefits of PVC

PVC roofing can be a fantastic investment for your company. Here are some of the benefits of PVC roofs:

  • Durability
  • Waterproofing
  • Fire resistance
  • Lowered energy consumption
  • Long life cycle
  • Weather resistance

Keep in mind, you will only gain these benefits from a PVC roof if it is installed properly. Many roofing companies are not experienced in commercial roofing services and cannot provide proper installation. Here at Cinch Roofing, we are industry experts in commercial roofing installation and repairs. We will ensure your PVC roof is installed correctly the first time. Are you interested in PVC roofing for your building? Give our expert roofers a call at (832) 598-4245 in Rosenberg and Sugar Land, TX!

Does PVC roofing for your building sound appealing? Call our professional roofers! Additionally, we will be happy to assist you with high-quality installation services so you can enjoy the benefits of this premium system.

If you are looking for the best PVC roof membrane installation in Rosenberg and Sugar Land, TX, call us at (832) 598-4245. Cinch Roofing is dedicated to providing our customers with the best roofing repair and installation services.