Metal Roofing Options

Black Metal Roofing System

You Can Purchase a Metal Roof In Many Different Styles and Colors.

When the times comes to replace your asphalt shingle roofing system, it is a good time to consider the possibility of upgrading to stronger, more durable roofing material. Metal roofing provides your home with added protection from a variety of severe storms while maintaining an attractive appearance. Installation of metal roofing materials is cost effective and can be completed quickly. If you would like more information about metal roofing, Cinch Roofing offers premier metal roofing installation and repair services.

Different Metal Roofing Styles

In addition to the excellent benefits you can receive from a metal roof, there a so many different options to choose from. Metal roofing materials come in several different colors, styles and even metals. Here are some of the more popular styles for metal roofs.

Metal Roof Shingles
For homeowners who want the appearance of a shingle roof with the durability of metal, metal roofing shingles are a great option. These shingles can be manufactured to have the appearance of many different shingle types, including slate and wood.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs
For a roof that provides excellent protection against leaks and water damage, a standing seam metal roof just can’t be beat. These roofs have raised seams that provide your home with a bold, striking appearance. During the installation process the seams are locked together to prevent water from being able to seep through to the roofing materials underneath.

Stone Coated Steel
The appearance of tile roofing is very popular among homeowners. Unfortunately, roofing tiles are difficult to install and can be easily damaged. Stone coated steel roofing materials look like ceramic roof tiles because the metal has been coated with a layer of stone, but they provide the durability and ease of installation that is characteristic of all metal roofs.

If you would like more information about metal roofing, contact our office at (832) 598-4245. We are here to help you choose the roof that is right for you.

Fall Roof Maintenance

Fall Roof Maintenance

Having Your Roof Inspected And Maintained In The Fall Will Save You Money Down The Line.

Fall is in full swing! While the leaves are changing and the weather is finally cooling off, don’t neglect your fall roof inspection. A roof inspection will offer you protection that lasts for the rest of the year. This is how a roof inspection is usually conducted:

  1. Your roof will be inspected for any damages caused by foot traffic that may have occurred.
  2. Your roofer can check to ensure your drainage system is functioning properly.
  3. Every “problem” area will be checked for leaks, such as around vent flashings.
  4. The roof inspector will look for any parts of your roof that are weathering prematurely.
  5. Your roof will be checked for any summer storm damages from wind, hail, or debris.
  6. You will be able to get rid of fallen leaves and debris left over from the summer weather.

Preventative Measures

If you find yourself asking, “why should I have my roof inspected in the fall?” check out the following benefits of fall roof inspections:

  1. Less expensive repairs
  2. Longer roof lifespan
  3. Lower risk for leaks and mold damages
  4. A younger looking roof with steady curb appeal
  5. Better protection against seasonal changes

While a roof inspection may seem to be simply a luxury, it is in fact a vital part of roof maintenance, similar to how you care for and maintain your vehicle. This quick procedure is made affordable and convenient with our expert team of trained roofers.

To get yours, call us today at 832-598-4245 and request an appointment!

Three Signs You Need a New Roof

New Roof

Our Team Can Handle Any Needs You May Have for a New Roof.

Your roof serves as perhaps the most important component of your home. You should always guarantee its serviceability, and remain vigilant for signs of disrepair. A roof that seems in good shape from a casual glance can, in reality, be on the verge of failure. If you have asphalt shingles as your roofing material, pay attention to the signs that show you need a new roof.

Missing Granules

Roofing granules serve an important function on your shingles. These small pieces of gravel protect the shingles from the brutal effects of sunshine. In their absence, shingles will begin to dry out, then curl. When this occurs, your shingles no longer provide the protection you need. To determine whether or not your shingles have lost granules, simply check your gutters.

Old Age

Old age represents the number one reason that homeowners choose to replace their roofing. As a roof ages, it becomes more vulnerable to sudden failure from a major weather event. If you have an asphalt shingle roof that has served for 20 to 30 years, the time has come for replacement.

Missing Shingles

As shingles come loose from your roof, you should have them repaired immediately. If the roof has lost many shingles, then you should spring for total replacement. A roof that loses shingles has either gotten too old, or was incorrectly installed in the first place. Either situation presents a case for a new roof.

If you need a new roof in Sugar Land, TX, call (832) 598-4245 for the experts at Cinch Roofing. We provide unparalleled service for new roofs, and guarantee the satisfaction of every client.

Is Your Shingle Roof Ready for Cooler Weather?

Raised Roof Shingle

Buckling, Curling or Pealing Shingles Are Signs You Should Get some Roof Maintenace Before Winter.

Summer is almost over and autumn is upon us. That means that winter is right around the corner, with all it’s fury. Now is the time to make sure shingle roof is ready for the rain and cooler weather–not after the first storm. At Cinch Roofing we are prepared to repair or maintain your shingle roof. Here are some things you as the homeowner should consider to determine if you should call us for some early winter maintenance on your roof.

Is Your Roof Old?

Do you know how your roof is? If your roof is more than 20 years old, consider getting it replaced. Old roofs are more likely to be damaged by wind, rain, and hail, causing leaks in the house and making for some miserable nights for you and your family.

Are Your shingle Curling Up?

As shingles age and experience the elements, they can begin to curl around the edges or buckle in the middle. If you look up at your roof from you yard and notice this happening to your shingles, give us a call. Curling or Buckling shingles create places where water can seep into your roof and the rooms below.

Are You Finding Granules in Your Gutter?

Hopefully you will get your gutters cleaned as the fall season begins. If you find a lot of grains from you shingles in your gutters,  your shingles are getting weak. If you notice these things, call us at (832) 598-4245 for pre-winter maintenance.

3 Signs of Roof Wind Damage

photo of wind damageTexas winds can exceed 100 MPH, even without a tornado. Homeowners should be mindful of possible damage to their roofs, after storms that precipitate strong winds. Not only can debris damage your roof, but wind can actually start to deteriorate aspects of your roof structure. At Cinch roofing, we offer wind damage repair, to residents of Sugar Land, TX. We strongly urge you to have the damage inspected now, so that it doesn’t linger. Here are 3 signs of roof wind damage:

Curling Shingles

Bent shingle corners indicate “curling shingles”. This damage is generally most noticeable on shingles towards the edges of your roof. Curling is problematic because it eliminates the protection from moisture infiltration. This can lead to roof leaks, and further destruction of your roof structure.

Displaced Shingles

Missing shingles are another sign of roof wind damage. Strong winds can actually rip shingles from your roof, and throw them to the ground, or onto a tree branch, etc. Displaced shingles are obvious to spot, as you will see an empty space on your roof. Leaving empty roof spots unattended, can create leakage.

Leaking Roof

Roof leaks should be noticeable to Sugar Land, TX homeowners. Water dripping from the ceiling is one major red flag. Check upper levels of your home, like the attic, for moisture and water spots. Unattended roof leaks can affect your home’s walls and foundation, and become a major financial burden. For this reason, roof leaks require immediate assistance. Call (832) 598-4245 for roof wind damage repair in Sugar Land, TX.

Summer Heat Can Damage Your Flat Roof

Flat Roof Coating

Roof coatings can save your roof from overheating

Houston is known for hot summers. At Cinch Roofing we understand the elements, and the problems they pose for your roof. Flat roof owners in particular should be concerned about the Texas summer heat. High temperatures can damage your flat roof. The light from the sun will eat away at the material over time. Living in such a warm climate makes your need for flat roof maintenance all the more important. Call us at (832) 598-4245 for flat roof repair in Houston, TX.

Roof Coatings Can Help

Your flat roof absorbs and holds a lot of heat. If it absorbs too much, it will end up deteriorating quickly. Elastomeric roof coatings are a good remedy for your flat roof’s heat absorption. These coatings will reflect the majority of the heat back into the atmosphere, allowing your roof to breath. Your flat roof needs to remain cool enough that it doesn’t start to affect the temperature within your building. If you notice that your roof has started to deteriorate, or if its showing any signs of leaks, you should call a professional.

Flat Roof Repair

Flat roof repair is a job for a professional roofer. If your flat roof has sustained damage from the summer heat, a professional repair is necessary. Cinch Roofing specializes in flat roof repair. Commercial roof owners in Houston, TX can trust Cinch Roofing to get their building back up and running in no time. Heat can be a problem for flat roof’s but the solution is at your finger tips. Contact us at Cinch Roofing today.

The Benefits of a Tile Roof For Your Residential Home

Tile roof

Get a Roof That Is Durable, Comes In a Variety of Colors, and More with a Tile Roof.

When redoing your roof, there are a lot of roofing material options to choose from. While there are a ton of roofing materials, a tile roof is a great choice for a residential roof. Here are some benefits of a tile roof for your residential home.


A tile roof is a very durable roofing material. They can withstand strong winds and harsh weather. This is important if you live in an area that is susceptible to severe weather.

Fire Proof

A roof is essential in keeping us protected from the outside elements and inclement weather, but we can’t always predict what is going to happen. If you want a roofing material that can provide exceptional protection, tile roofing is the material to go with. It is fire resistant with a class-A rating.

Awesome Insulator

A tile roof is able to keep homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In Texas, it is important to keep our homes cool when temperatures hit above a hundred degrees. Tile roofing will ensure your home is as comfortable as possible.

Long Life Span

Tile roofs last a very long time, 50 to 100 years or more, making them a great choice if you don’t want to keep replacing your roof.

Variety of Colors, Designs, and Styles

Tile roofing is a great material because customers are able to either have a roof that looks like wood, a Spanish-style roof or have tile that comes in different shapes and sizes. It’s a diverse material that allows customers to have a roof that fits their aesthetic.

Interested in tile roofing services for your Houston, TX roof? Call the professional at Cinch roofing today at (832) 598-4245.

Just How Bad Is A Missing Shingle After A Storm?

Storm Damage Is More Than Just A Nuisance

Roof damage in houston

Storms can quickly turn minor roof damage into a serious problem.

Texas weather has a reputation for being all over the place, and this past year was no different. Hail storms, major thunderstorms, and even tornadoes have wreaked havoc all over the state. These acts of nature have cost many Texans hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. However, money spent to make repairs shortly after a storm is always less than the money spent to repair problems caused by an un-repaired roof! 

We understand that the task of repairing storm damage is no small task, from dealing with the insurance companies, to picking a reputable repair company. However, we do urge homeowners to act quickly in these situations, as a neglected roof can lead to expensive structural problems throughout your home! 

Don’t Wait To Repair!

Unfortunately, even problems that appear to be minor, such as damaged siding or a few missing shingles, can become very problematic the next time a bout of rain rolls in. For example, a few missing shingles, when exposed to rain, can leave your roof open to leaks that cause mold and wood rot. In fact, leaking caused by missing shingles is often not noticed by the homeowner until there is a very large problem, leaking all the way through the ceiling! Replacing shingles is an easy fix, and allowing a professional roofer to repair the issue is far less expensive than fixing an issue such as rotting wood. Left completely unchecked, that kind of problem can weaken your entire roof, leaving it open to a possibility of collapse!

As unpredictable as Texas weather can be, it is important to make sure your roof is always prepared for the worst. Leaving your roof damaged can put you at serious risk if another large storm comes through. If you have roof damage in Houston, TX, don’t wait to have it repaired! Call (832) 598-4245 for the professionals at Cinch Roofing, and let us help you make sure your home is prepared for whatever Texas throws at it! 


April Showers Bring May Roof Repairs?

With winter fading out, and spring coming in, it may be time to inspect your roof before summer! Proper roof maintenance benefits all areas of your home, such as energy efficiency, and improves the longevity of your roof. Maintain your roof properly to avoid May roof repairs!

spring showers

Check your Gutters

They say April showers bring May flowers, but April showers can also harm your roof if your gutters aren’t in working order. Take some time to clear any leaves, branches, or other debris from your gutters, and inspect the gutter’s connections to your roof. Look along your gutter line for signs of moisture damage, such as peeling or water stains.

Trim Trees Surrounding Your Roof

An excellent way to protect your roof is to trim the trees that touch or cover your roof before they begin blooming again. They are easier to trim when not covered in foliage, and its better not to rish spring showers knocking branches into your roof.

Have your roof Inspected

Climbing around on a sloped roof is dangerous, so it is best to call a professional for this next part. Have a roofing expert check your roof for damage such as cracking, peeling, or altogether missing shingles. The right inspector will also check for water damage in the creases and corners of your roof, and remove any branches or debris that could  further damage your roof.

If you need roof repair or maintenance in the Sugarland, TX or Greater Houston, TX area, Cinch Roofing is here to help! Give one of our roofing experts a call today, at (832) 598-4245!

Which is the Best Roofing Material For Me?

best roofing materialChanging your roofing system is a big decision that isn’t to be taken lightly. Your roof serves as the first line of defense against mother nature. It helps to shelter you, your loved ones, and your valuables, so of course you want to make sure that the material is the right one. But now the question stands, “Which is the best roofing material for me?” Well, there’s no need to worry! The authorities at Cinch Roofing are here to guide you through the entire process from the very beginning.

Let’s start with these questions:

  • Are there warranties that come with this material?
  • Does this material meet the fire codes designated to my area?
  • How much will this material cost me?
  • Is there any type of specifics for installation or maintenance that I need to keep in mind?
  • Is this roofing product available in a variety of colors and textures so that it’ll enhance the overall look of my property?
  • What’s the expected lifespan of this product?
  • Will extra weight of the material require special framework?
  • Will this material have the ability to withstand extreme weather that’s specific to my geographical area?

Once you’re able to answer each of these questions, then you’re well on your way to choosing your ideal material for your roof.

This is not a process that is to be rushed nor taken lightly and it can prove to be a bit strenuous. But like we said before, our team is here for your from start to finish making sure that you have exactly everything you need for your roofing system. So whether you have questions about the best roofing material for your property or you simply in need of a repair for your home or business, contact Alliance Roofing today at (832) 598-4245.