How Does Wind Damage a Roof

Damaged Roof

Strong Winds Can Rip Yoru Shingles Right Off Of Your Roof.

Wind can be dangerous to a roof, messing up your gutter system, ripping off shingles, and even causing damage to the outside of your home. There are times that wind can be so bad that your plumbing gets affected and you will need to get a plumbing repair in Leander, TX. If wind is something that gets bad in your area, there are a few specific things that you can do to help make sure that nothing gets broken or damaged. For example, if you have large trees around your home, you may want to consider cutting them back so that larger branches do not fall from the tree and land on your roof, causing damage. This is the same concept for anything that can fly around from your yard that may end up landing on your roof. Roofing systems can handle very heavy levels of wind, but they are not cut out for items that can land on the roof. This is usually when the damage occurs the worst. A wind damaged roof can happen in very intense winds or even lesser winds, when there is previous damage to the roof. If you have shingles that are already beginning to lift up, a gust of wind can get underneath of that and pull them right off.

Commonly Asked Questions About Wind Damage

Is wind damage to roof covered by insurance?

When it comes to storm damage on your roof or specifically from the wind, insurance will typically cover all of this. The best thing that you can do is to call your insurance first and ask them what they cover so that you will know for sure. There are many different things to take into accountability when you are having your roof assessed for wind damage. Your insurance company will look at how bad the damage is and even how it happened. They want to make sure there was no negligence on your part before they approve any requests that have been made.

What causes roof damage?

There are so many different variables that can cause roof damage to occur. When wind damage happens, it is usually because the winds were extremely heavy and there was some kind of mix of rain and possibly hail. Another way for a roof to become damaged by wind is if it was previously damaged. When a part of your roof end s up with damage on it, it damages the integrity of the roof itself so it can start to cause problems. Other major factors of roof damage are from hail and other weather or items falling onto your roof, like trees or branches.

How do you know if you have roof damage?

Sometimes you will realize that you have roof damage because suddenly there will be a leak in the home. The best way to determine if there is damage to your roof, is to have an inspection done on it. This way a professional with a trained and experienced eye will be able to go up there and look around. They will, check your roof and your gutter system as well to make sure that nothing is being missed. This is also a great option because you will be provided with a detailed report that will tell you what all the damage is and a quote to fix it and then you can give that to your insurance company.

What is wind damage?

Wind damage is when high winds occur and they blow into your roor and cause damage to happen. Usually you will not see a wind damaged roof unless the winds get up above 35-40mph. This is when you will start to see damage taking place.

What are dangerous wind speeds?

Winds begin to get very dangerous for you and your home when they get around 50-60 mph and above. These are the kinds of wind gusts that take roofs off and will not allow you to be outside or drive a car. When wind gusts get over 100mph, that is typically when there are tornados or hurricanes happening.

Are 45 mph winds damaging?

45 mph wind gusts can cause damage. Anytime there is a high gust of wind, it can potentially cause you to end up with a wind damaged roof. When this happens, stay inside and when the storm passes, have a roofing inspector out to your home to look at the damage and call your insurance.

What does wind damage look like on shingles?

Wind damage can cause shingles to fly right off of the roof and will do even more damage if there was already a problem with your roof before that.

Roof Damage Signs

  • Lifting or pulled up shingles
  • Dents in your roof from hail
  • Missing shingles on roof
  • Leaks in your home from the ceiling
  • Cracks on roofing material

When you have a wind-damaged roof in Rosenberg and Sugar Land, TX, call Cinch Roofing at (832) 598-4245.

How to Improve Home Energy Efficiency

An Aluminum Metal Roof on Top of a Rustic Home

Metal Roofing Lowers Energy Consumption By Deflecting Light and Heat Away From Your Home.

Ever get the urge to tear up your expensive energy bill? With these home energy efficiency tips, you could enjoy incredible monthly savings without sacrificing your family’s personal comfort! Here’s how you can get started…

General Efficiency Tips

There are several key areas of your home that you’ll want to key in on. These include:

  • Your Heating and Cooling Systems
  • The Attic and Insulation
  • Hot Water Appliances
  • Electric Fixtures

Your electric fixtures provide the easiest starting point. Savings here may start small, but they quickly accumulate over time. Try switching to high-efficiency bulbs, unplugging kitchen and living room appliances that aren’t in use, and utilizing fans instead of cranking the AC at night.

Try searching for energy-savings tools at your local Home Depot or Lowes to help you regulate appliance usage throughout the day. Light timers, for instance, can help you save on electricity and replacement bulbs. If you really want to spice of the lighting in your home, try installing a skylight! You want to reduce the usage stress on your appliances as much as possible, allowing them to work smarter (not harder).

Power Energy Savings Projects

If you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck, there are a few home energy efficiency projects that offer an alluring return on your investment. The number one source of electricity consumption in your home is the HVAC systemIf you’re working with an outdated or leaky HVACY system, try replacing it with an energy-saving Rheem air conditioner installation (or a similar quality brand).

Another significant savings opportunity is your roofing system. Heat that permeates through your rooftop creates waste in your HVAC system, because your air conditioner has to compensate. A cool roof installation allows your roofing to reflect more light and heat away from your home. This means your HVAC system doesn’t have to turn on as often to cool the house.

Your hot water heater is also a significant consumer of electricity (or gas, depending on the model). A leaky, old heater eats more energy every day. In contrast, newer tankless models reduce overall energy consumption and help provide a steady supply of hot water.

Get Your Estimate on Cool Roof Installation!

If your shopping for a replacement roof for your home, consider a cool roof installation! Cool roofing materials offer consistent energy savings over the years, typically with enhanced functional capabilities. Learn more about cool roofs in Rosenberg and Sugar Land, TX by talking with our team at (832) 598-4245.

Is A Flat Roof Right For Your Building?

Flat Roof Cool Roof

A Commercial Flat Roof Saves You Money, But Requires A Lot of Maintenance

Flat roofs are the most popular roofing system for commercial buildings. They are affordable, versatile, and practical which appeals to business owners. Their flat design is also needed for tall skyscrapers whose pointed roofs would be a safety hazard from too much weight that high up. They are prone to getting damaged more easily than residential roofs, but commercial flat roofs have tons of foot traffic and air conditioning units on top of them compared to one single home. It’s important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of flat roofing when deciding to get a commercial roof for your building. If you need flat roof installation or repair in RosenbergRosenberg and Sugar Land, TX, call Cinch Roofing at (832) 598-4245.

Pros and Cons of Installing a Flat Roof


  • Flat roof are cheaper than sloped roofs because this is less materials to install and quicker installation time.
  • Provides great storage space or can be used as a rooftop patio or deck
  • Many flat roofs are cool roofs, meaning they reflect sunlight and UV rays, which cool the building. This lowers the temperatures inside and helps lower energy bills, as well.


  • Flat roofs don’t have sloped gables, so they are prone to leaks and holes as rainwater pools on the roof and can’t drain anywhere.
  • Commercial building owners often have to call for flat roof repair because of storm damage or damage from their rooftop HVAC unit to their flat roofing. With Carrier HVAC systems, this can help to eliminate one future cause of flat roof damages.
  • Flat roofs have direct access to sunlight, whereas sloped roofs would have some protection. This causes flat roofs to age faster because of the harsh UV rays.
  • Commercial flat roofs don’t have very long lifespans, especially built up roofs and industrial roofs. If metal or if the flat roof had a roof coating applied over it, this helps to extend its lift by a minimum of 10 years.

What is Maintenance of a Property?

Shingle Roof

Roof Maintenance Can Keep Your Home Protected Year Round.

Your home is your castle, protecting you, your loved ones, and your belongings from all of the environmental factors that could otherwise cause damage or harm. However, over time, many systems in your house such as your siding, plumbing, and even your roof may need service to refortify. Many homeowners don’t even realize there is a need for service until there is a failure in one of these systems. However, there is a preventative measure you can take to ensure your home’s defenses are at their best. Maintenance and thorough inspection allow trained professionals to assess your home for damage, wear, or any weakened areas and have them repaired before they have to deal with the next bout of bad weather. Of all of your home, your roof most benefits from this service!

Why Roof Maintenance is Important

You may wonder if roof maintenance is really worth it. However, it can be one of the most important services for your home and really make the difference in how well your structure and its defenses hold up. Your roof is actually first in line for your home’s protection, as it prevents rain, debris, hail, and more from affecting your home. If it is damaged, it can allow these issues and more to arise within your home. When you have a trained roofer complete maintenance on your roof, they can inspect all aspects of your roofing system for damage or hidden failure, including the underlying structure. Once identified, repairs can be made to strengthen and fortify your roofing system. This means that roof maintenance fortifies your system and can even extend its life by preventing future issues!

How Often Should Roofs be Inspected?

Your roof handles a lot throughout the year, so it is important to have it inspected. However, how often is necessary? Usually, the hardest seasons on a roof will be winter and summer, producing the most wear and damage that may occur. Getting your roof inspected during the fall and spring is recommended. Twice a year inspection will ensure that your roof is always ready for the next season. However, if you undergo a severe storm and you are concerned, seeking roof maintenance and inspection can be beneficial. Always have a professional roofer complete this service to ensure all damage is found and your roof is restored using the best services available.

Local Professional Roofing Service

When you need roof maintenance for your home in Rosenberg, TX,  Cinch Roofing provides you with quality roofing and customer service. Our team of professional roofing contractors works with you and your schedule to get the service you need completed to your satisfaction. We are always happy to answer your questions! Reach out to our team at (832) 598-4245 today and get started on your roof maintenance!

Steps To Take Before Buying a Roof

When you begin your quest to get a new roof, there are so many things that you need to take into consideration. It can seem a little overwhelming with all of the choices and mainly the price of it all would make anybody squeamish. All of this considering, if you take it step by step and come up with a game plan of sorts, you maybe, able to avoid some of this stress and get yourself a pretty awesome roof in the process.

Where To Start

Budget – When you begin with the price and what you can or cannot spend, you will be able to limit yourself and narrow down your choices of what you can buy.

Material – You should really pay attention to the material that you are looking for and be answering these questions: how long will this material last? Will this material need regular maintenance and if so, how much will that cost per year? These are important questions that you should be thinking about through the entire process.

Also, when in doubt, just as a roofer at Cinch Roofing by calling (832) 598-4245. We are here for you and will be able to help you through this process.

Best Roof Materials for the High Moisture Houston Area

South Texas is known for its sweltering Summers, but what most don’t realize is that the Houston area gets unusually high amounts of rainfall. In fact, this area typically receives almost 12 inches more than the state’s average. Ensure your roof can withstand the heavy waterfall in the Houston area by equipping it with the right material for optimal protection.

We Can Help You Find the Best Material for Your Roof.

Heavy Rains Can Cause Substantial Roof Damage if the Correct Materials Aren’t Used.

Commercial Options

For commercial buildings, your waterproof options are vast. Metal provides outstanding water protection as well as UV and weather protection. These roof materials are also low maintenance and long lasting. For flat roofing, PVC and rubber roofing options have the highest resistance to water, in most cases. Rubber roofing is applied with few seams to let in moisture, and PVC roofing’s outstanding flexibility help protect against separation. Foam is another prime commercial option for ultimate water resistance. This material is applied with no seams and can last up to 20 years.

Residential Options

Like with commercial buildings, metal provides outstanding protection for homes. These roof materials not only protect against water, but also the effects of water like mold, mildew, and rot. Synthetic shingles also offer substantial water protection and will not succumb to premature wear and tear from too much water as traditional shingles may. These shingles can also resist the effects of salty air which can cause some roof materials to degrade.

When you’re looking for the ideal roof solution for your South Texas home or office, call the Cinch Roofing professionals today at __PHONE__ to learn more about each of your water and salt resistant roof materials. We can help you get the perfect roof for your needs.

Signs You Need a New Commercial Roof


New Commercial Roof

Damaged Commercial Roofs Can Become a Major Liability.

Commercial roofs represent a huge investment. When the time comes for you to replace your commercial roof, you should only trust expert contractors who have experience with your roofing materials. At Cinch Roofing, we always perform exceptional service for the installation of a new commercial roof. If you notice any of the following indicators, call us at __PHONE__ for fast service.

Visible Damage

Excessive damage can absolutely lead to a roof replacement. If a casual inspection reveals widespread punctures or tears, call for a professional inspection. The accumulation of debris, along with major issues like ponding, can result in trapped moisture. This not only will degrade your roofing materials, but wil also facilitate the growth and proliferation of mold.

Problems with Leaks

A leak in your roofing can quickly become a major problem. While the occasional leak does not necessarily signal a need for roof replacement, frequent leaks definitely do. By the time you notice the obvious indications of a leak, such as dripping water or mold patches, it has already performed significant damage. To find leaks earlier, inspect your roof for bubbles, tears, seam failures, and gaps in flashing.

Old Age

The most common reason for roof replacement is almost always old age. You can expect a different lifespan dependent on the material you own. When your roof begins to approach or surpass the its expected lifespan, schedule a professional inspection. Older roofs, even those that appear fine to the untrained eye, exist at a serious risk for failure.

When you need a new commercial roof in Rosenberg and Sugar Land, TX, trust your local experts at Cinch Roofing. We offer unbeatable service and installations across our service area.

Why Texas Homeowners Should Consider Metal Roofs

For Texas residents, it’s important to have a roofing system that can stand up to a lot of different weather. From severe storms to the occasional frost, a sturdy roof is important. While typically known as a commercial roofing material, metal roofs are a great residential roofing option. For customers who are looking for a new roofing system, metal roofs are a great option. There are a number of reasons why people who live in Texas could really benefit from metal roofing.

Very Long-Lasting

Why Texas Homeowners Should Consider Metal Roofs

Learn Why Texas Residents Should Consider Metal Roofs for Their Homes.

Traditional residential roofing like asphalt shingles only lasts about 15-20 years if properly taken care of. Metal roofs, on the other hand, can last for up to 50 or 100 years depending on the type of metal.

Resistant to Different Types of Weather

Because Texas sees its fair share of harsh weather, it’s essential to get a roofing system that can withstand strong winds and hail. Metal roofing is impact resistant so it can resist dents made by hailstones. Not only that, they can survive winds that are up to 100 miles per hour and more.

Incredibly Energy-Efficient

Texas summers can be very brutal and because of that, can cost homeowners a lot of money in energy bills. Metal roofing is an excellent roof for residents because the heat from the sun can be reflected off the roof, in turn, homeowners will use less of their A/C to cool their homes.

If you want metal roofing in Sugar Land, TX, call the roofers at Cinch Roofing today at (832) 598-4245 to make an appointment for metal roof installation service.

Why You Need a Roofing Inspection

31990714 – a contractor walks up a ladder to inspect the rook of a residential home during an overcast day

A roof inspection is one of the most important things you can do for your roof. Just like you go to the doctor to get a checkup, a roof inspection is necessary to keep your roof working the way it is supposed to. It may seem like a large expense to have to deal with once a year, but if you think about the price of a roof leak or even a roof replacement because of storm damage or maybe damage you didn’t know about, the price of an inspection can seem very minut. The process is very simple as well. Once you give us a call and schedule an appointment that works best for you, an inspector will come out to your home and take a look at your roof. Once they are done, they will give you a detailed list of what they saw and if you need to have anything done right away.

Why You Need an Inspection

Warranty – Some roofing companies will give you a warranty when you get a new roof. The catch is that you will need to have a roof inspection done once a year to keep it up to date. This is important because if our roofers find anything, you will be able to get the work done for free through your warranty, considering that you have one.

Peace Of Mind – When you know that your roof is in good shape, you will be able to think about other things and not about your roof.

If you are wanting to hire a roof inspector, give Cinch Roofing a call at (832) 598-4245 today.

The Benefits Of Commercial Roof Coatings

Roof Coating

Roof Coatings Are Affordable And Reliable!

Do you have a commercial roof that is in desperate need of repairs? You’re not alone! A Surprising number of business owners let their roofs go long periods of time without repair, simply because they are worried about the high cost of repairs. However, leaving your roof without repairs can cause the damages to get worse very quickly, and this can possible lead to permanent structural damage for your entire building. If you need repairs that are affordable and fast, call and ask us about roof coatings! Today we will go over a few of the benefits of commercial roof coatings.

Disruptive, loud, and lengthy roofing repairs can be frustrating, but with roof coatings, you don’t have to worry about that at all!  Roof coatings are becoming a more popular choice for business roofing systems for a number of factors like cost-effective workmanship, affordable products, and the extra advantages of durability, energy efficiency, and a greater looking roof. By choosing a roof coating over a traditional roofing method, you can save money, as well as protect your roof from additional damages. Roof coatings provide dependable durability, as well as a long lifespan. When your roof coating has come to the end of its lifespan, you also have the option to re-coat it with another roof coating.

To learn more about roof coatings, or to order one of your own, give our team a call today at (832) 598-4245!