Best Roof Materials for the High Moisture Houston Area

South Texas is known for its sweltering Summers, but what most don’t realize is that the Houston area gets unusually high amounts of rainfall. In fact, this area typically receives almost 12 inches more than the state’s average. Ensure your roof can withstand the heavy waterfall in the Houston area by equipping it with the right material for optimal protection.

We Can Help You Find the Best Material for Your Roof.

Heavy Rains Can Cause Substantial Roof Damage if the Correct Materials Aren’t Used.

Commercial Options

For commercial buildings, your waterproof options are vast. Metal provides outstanding water protection as well as UV and weather protection. These roof materials are also low maintenance and long lasting. For flat roofing, PVC and rubber roofing options have the highest resistance to water, in most cases. Rubber roofing is applied with few seams to let in moisture, and PVC roofing’s outstanding flexibility help protect against separation. Foam is another prime commercial option for ultimate water resistance. This material is applied with no seams and can last up to 20 years.

Residential Options

Like with commercial buildings, metal provides outstanding protection for homes. These roof materials not only protect against water, but also the effects of water like mold, mildew, and rot. Synthetic shingles also offer substantial water protection and will not succumb to premature wear and tear from too much water as traditional shingles may. These shingles can also resist the effects of salty air which can cause some roof materials to degrade.

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