3 Signs of Roof Wind Damage

photo of wind damageTexas winds can exceed 100 MPH, even without a tornado. Homeowners should be mindful of possible damage to their roofs, after storms that precipitate strong winds. Not only can debris damage your roof, but wind can actually start to deteriorate aspects of your roof structure. At Cinch roofing, we offer wind damage repair, to residents of Sugar Land, TX. We strongly urge you to have the damage inspected now, so that it doesn’t linger. Here are 3 signs of roof wind damage:

Curling Shingles

Bent shingle corners indicate “curling shingles”. This damage is generally most noticeable on shingles towards the edges of your roof. Curling is problematic because it eliminates the protection from moisture infiltration. This can lead to roof leaks, and further destruction of your roof structure.

Displaced Shingles

Missing shingles are another sign of roof wind damage. Strong winds can actually rip shingles from your roof, and throw them to the ground, or onto a tree branch, etc. Displaced shingles are obvious to spot, as you will see an empty space on your roof. Leaving empty roof spots unattended, can create leakage.

Leaking Roof

Roof leaks should be noticeable to Sugar Land, TX homeowners. Water dripping from the ceiling is one major red flag. Check upper levels of your home, like the attic, for moisture and water spots. Unattended roof leaks can affect your home’s walls and foundation, and become a major financial burden. For this reason, roof leaks require immediate assistance. CallĀ (832) 598-4245 for roof wind damage repair in Sugar Land, TX.