2 Areas to Check for Fall Roof Maintenance

It may not be getting very cold in the Sugar Land, TX area, but it is a better time than ever to focus a little on your roof’s condition. During the summer months, it’s often too hot to do any kind of outdoor work. However, giving your roof a little TLC now with some fall roof maintenance will mean peace of mind that all is well with your roof. Plus, if you find problems, they will be easier to fix than they would be if they went unnoticed. We have a few steps for maintenance this fall to keep your roof in good condition all year long!

Guttersfall roof maintenance

A gutter system protects a building’s roof from getting water damage. Leaves, sticks and other debris often find their way into gutters around this time of year, clogging the gutters. However, if the gutter system is clogged, it cannot do its job. Gutters also sustain leaks from time to time. If you notice sagging in your gutters or that they are pulling away from your home or commercial property, call a roofer! Gutter cleaning and maintenance will lengthen the life of your roof and keep it in top shape.


You don’t have to get on top of your roof to check for holes and leaks. A quick attic inspection can ensure that your roof is secure. Simply look up and check for discoloration or moisture that could signal water damage. Also check for any sunlight coming through holes into your home. Inspecting your roof from the attic is an easy way to tell if there are holes in your roof so you can repair them quickly! This will not only save you money by finding holes early, making for cheaper repairs. It will also ensure that no pests can get into your home. Finding leaks early additionally saves homes from potential mold and mildew growth!

Our company is here for you with our Sugar Land, TX fall roof maintenance tips. Call us anytime at (832) 598-4245 for the area’s best roof repair and replacement services!